Q&A: Food Safety and Operator Assurance

September 15, 2023 by Megan Gray

When prepping fruits, vegetables or meats or mixing ingredients, food safety is a top priority. Food processors, mixers, meat slicers, mixer-grinders and saws require thorough cleaning and sanitizing on a regular basis to minimize the risk of cross contamination and foodborne illness. For the best results, it’s important to have equipment with features that simplify the process.

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Meat Processing Equipment: Best Practices for Cleaning

July 18, 2023 by Megan Gray

Whether it’s for equipment in an independent butcher shop or meat room in a retail grocery space, proper cleaning and sanitizing is imperative. First and most importantly, doing so reduces the risk of contamination and food borne illnesses. It can also improve equipment performance. The better care an operator takes during the cleaning process, the greater likelihood the equipment will last...

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Building a Butcher Shop: Commercial Meat Processing Equipment

October 19, 2022 by Megan Gray

In recent years, craft butchery has begun experiencing a renaissance, with local, independent butcher shops opening across the country. Fueled largely by consumers’ desire to know where their meat is sourced, butchers are moving toward purchasing responsibly cared-for livestock and offering freshly prepared primal cuts. This trend is encouraging many younger butchers to join the profession and...

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