Q&A: Food Safety and Operator Assurance

September 15, 2023 by Megan Gray

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When prepping fruits, vegetables or meats or mixing ingredients, food safety is a top priority. Food processors, mixers, meat slicers, mixer-grinders and saws require thorough cleaning and sanitizing on a regular basis to minimize the risk of cross contamination and foodborne illness. For the best results, it’s important to have equipment with features that simplify the process.

Just as important as food safety is having equipment that offers operator assurance during use.

Hobart takes food safety and operator assurance seriously and has designed its food prep equipment to support both. Learn how.

How do Hobart food processors support food safety and operator assurance?

Hobart countertop continuous feed food processors feature a large feed hopper that operators can easily remove, without tools, for thorough cleaning. The hopper and the housing are constructed of aluminum that is simple to clean. A double interlock switch ensures the food processor won’t operate if the operator removes the feed cylinder or if the pusher plate swings away or is open.

Hobart bowl style mixers have an anodized aluminum base for easy cleanup and a triple interlock switch to support operator assurance. The bowl, cover and lid lock arm must be in place for the food processor to run.

Hobart constructed its floor model food processors out of stainless steel, so the cylinders, hoppers, push feeders and cutting tools are dishwasher safe for thorough and easy cleaning. Like the continuous feed models, these food processors have a double interlock switch; the machine won’t run when the pusher place is open or swings away.

What features do Hobart mixers have that improve food safety and offer operator convenience?

Legacy+® mixers feature a Soft Start function that minimizes ingredient splash-out to keep the mixer cleaner. The mixers also come with quick-release agitators and removable bowl guards that allow the operator to completely tear-down the equipment, so it’s easy to clean the mixer thoroughly and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

The mixers have a triple-interlock system that keeps the mixer from operating unless the bowl is fully up and locked in place and the operator has secured the bowl guard. The 80- and 140-quart mixers also feature FastStop technology that completely stops all moving parts in less than three seconds.

How has Hobart built food safety and easy cleaning features into its meat slicers, saws and mixer-grinders?

HS Series heavy-duty slicer machines have a sanitary one-piece base with fewer crevices or bolt holes where food could lodge and cause bacteria to grow, along with a patented removable ring guard cover that minimizes debris buildup around the slicer knife. The slicers feature removable parts that make them easier to clean, including a removable knife, meat grip assembly, tilting carriage and top-mounted Borazon® sharpening system. A lift assist function makes it simple to clean underneath the slicers. Because the slicers can be disassembled, operators are able to fully clean the entire machine.

Hobart 6614 and 6801 meat saws have an open-frame stainless steel construction that make it easy for operators to hose down. The saws also feature parts that can be disassembled for cleaning and sanitizing.

Operators can easily clean Hobart mixer-grinders due to the ergonomic hopper design, which is easy to access for thorough cleaning, and the machines have a stainless-steel finish that is simple to wipe down. Removable parts, including the arm, plate, knife and cylinder further simplify cleaning in a three-compartment sink. Operators can remove seals to wash by hand, too.

What Hobart meat slicer, saw and mixer-grinder features offer operator assurance?

HS Series slicers offer zero-knife exposure and a removable blade to protect the operator during cleaning. These heavy-duty slicers won’t turn on until the carriage is in the home position and they turn off when the gauge plate is closed. A 30-second shut-off automatically turns the slicer off after 30 seconds of being idle and the no volt release (NVR) ensures the slicer doesn’t automatically turn back on if power is lost. To remove the carriage arm, the gauge plate must be closed and the operator must put the product tray in the home position. If the gauge plate isn’t closed, the operator will not be able to tilt or remove the carriage system.

The 6614 and 6801 meat saws include an integrated pusher plate that eliminates the need for operators to hold the meat near the blade. Because the plate is integrated into the saw, it won’t get lost, and operators can easily rotate it out of the way when they are done using it. Upper and lower blade guards protect above and below the cutting area.

Hobar mixer-grinders have an electrical interlock switch that shuts off the power to the motor when the operator has the lid open. The operator must secure the lid in the proper position before the motor can be started.

Remember, food safety and operator assurance are important in any kitchen. Always train staff how to properly and thoroughly clean and use food prep equipment.


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Gray Megan Megan Gray is the product line manager for Hobart – Food Preparation Products. She has been with Hobart since 2017 and specializes in Hobart meat room, specialty and food processing equipment. See all her blogs here.



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