HS Series Portion Scale Slicers Improve Grab-and-Go Production

June 01, 2022 by Grace Strotman

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With grab-and-go meals on the rise, consumers continue to look for both consistent food quality and a good value. Retailers, of course, seek to offer just that, while also introducing efficiencies into the production of their food.

Slicing and weighing deli meats and cheeses for pre-portioned packages, for example, can be very labor intensive. Traditionally, it requires a bit of guesswork to estimate the weight of product for each package, along with a walk to a separate scale to verify it. To address the labor and costs associated with this method, there are advancements in slicer technology — specifically, the introduction of the HS Series portion scale slicers. The HS6-1PS manual slicer and the HS7-1PS automatic slicer both feature an integrated precision scale to make the process faster, easier and more efficient.

These slicers eliminate the need for two pieces of equipment and provide instant weighing to increase efficiency and help retail establishments minimize labor for creating grab-and-go deli meats and cheeses. They can accurately weigh product up to 10 pounds in increments of 0.01 pounds or 0.1 ounces.

Through an easy-to-use interface, the HS7-1PS automatic slicer can be programmed to operate until reaching a selected product weight, making it the best option for grab-and-go production. To simplify portion creation, operators can use a stack function by placing a dividing paper between the meats or cheeses after they have been sliced, then selecting the start button to resume slicing to the same weight. This function can be used until the finished product weight reaches 10 pounds. The result is faster, more consistent portions with less labor and no guesswork.


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