Do More with Hobart Legacy+ Mixers

March 08, 2022 by Grace Strotman

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Time is at a premium in most kitchens, so it’s important to have food prep equipment that helps you do more in less time. Depending on the application, Hobart Legacy+ mixers allow you to mix as much as 30% more ingredients in the same size bowl — all due to the exclusive PLUS System: a combination of three industry-leading technologies.

The VFDadvantage variable frequency drive combines precise motor control with excellent power to help you gain consistent mixing and maximize your productivity. It also offers benefits such as motor protection to prevent overheating if you exceed the mixer capacity rating. A stir speed incorporates ingredients slowly and completely, while Shift-on-the Fly™ allows you to change speeds while in operation — no need to worry about consistency and you can be more efficient with your mixing. On the HL800 (80 quart) and HL1400 (140 quart), a FastStop function stops the mixer’s planetary rotation within three seconds.

Maximum-capacity overheat protection consists of extreme-duty wiring and connections. These manage more power so you can mix heavy ingredients without concern for downtime.

A reinforced planetary shaft system, combined with an all-gear-driven transmission, provides exceptional power to the bowl to increase mixer capacity — so you get more output.

In addition to the benefits of the PLUS System, these Hobart commercial mixers offer other features to help you gain quality results and stay productive. Four mixing speeds can take on nearly any mixing job and the Quick-Release™ agitators have a consistent ratio to the bowl to provide you with great mixing performance. They also are easy to remove and don’t move up and down like bayonet-style agitators.

Hobart Legacy+ are the industry’s only maximum heavy-duty mixers — offering continuous use mixing capability — so you can rely on them all day, every day, for years to come. They are available in sizes ranging from 12 to 140 quarts with various Hobart mixer accessories and mixer attachments.

For more information and to learn about the additional mixer features focused on ease-of-use, operator assurance, and cleaning and sanitation, download the brochure.

Hobart Legacy+ Commercial Mixers Give You More So You Can Do More


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