What’s the Best Mixer for Pizza Dough?

December 23, 2019 by Hobart

Food Prep

When it comes to making pizza dough, the mixer you use is just as important as the ingredients you put in it. In fact, the right mixer can help you bring out the best in your recipe.

The Legacy+® HL662 Pizza Mixer is up for that challenge.

With two fixed speeds, the mixer allows you to thoroughly and consistently knead heavy pizza dough — and in larger batches than other 60-quart mixers. For thick dough with an absorption ratio (AR or water weight divided by flour weight) of 60%, the HL662 Pizza Mixer has the capacity to mix 90 pounds of dough on the second speed. That’s compared to our Legacy+ HL600 60-quart mixer that offers the capacity for 70 pounds of dough at the same AR. Bigger batches mean better productivity for you and more pies for your customers.

The addition of the Hobart-exclusive heavy-duty VFDadvantage variable frequency drive provides the high torque and low rpm speed you need to mix high volumes of pizza dough all day long. And like other Legacy+ mixers, VFDadvantage makes the HL662 among the only true maximum heavy-duty mixers on the market. It also allows for Shift-on-the-Fly™ technology — you can change speeds and pulse while the mixer is running to keep your mixing operation moving.

Tired of flour shower at the beginning of each batch? The HL662 Pizza Mixer features Soft Start technology that ramps up mixing slowing to minimize ingredient splash-out, so you have less to clean after.

If making your entire pizza from scratch is your game, adding the VS9 attachment to the HL662 Pizza Mixer allows you to slice and dice vegetables for toppings and grate cheese in no time. Plus, our meat chopper attachment makes quick work of grinding sausage or other meats to top off your customers’ favorite pizza.

The HL662 Pizza Mixer also does the heavy lifting. A power bowl lift function allows you to raise and lower the bowl with a simple flip of a switch, and the bowl swings out, making it easy to add ingredients and unload heavy dough. You can even use an optional bowl truck to transport the full bowl after mixing. These features are both ergonomic and convenient.

Quick release agitators add to the ease of use and consistency the HL662 Pizza Mixer provides. Unlike traditional bayonet-style agitators that move up and down during mixing, the quick release agitators stay in place for better incorporation of ingredients. You can remove them with just a pull of a pin.

And because multi-tasking is inevitable in any pizza kitchen, a 20-minute SmartTimer™ aids with accurate recipe mixing times and eliminates overmixing while you’re busy elsewhere. There’s no need to watch over the mixer when you have other tasks to complete. To ensure consistency, an automatic time recall function remembers the last time set for each speed. It’s great for mixing multiple batches.

These and other great features on the Legacy+ HL662 Pizza mixer can help you serve up the perfect pie — every time. For more information, visit: https://www.hobartcorp.com/products/food-prep/mixers/legacy-hl662-pizza-mixer.

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