MAINTENANCE MATTERS:  Why Genuine OEM Parts Are Better For Your Bottom Line

October 21, 2019 by Hobart


When it comes to maintaining your equipment, using Genuine OEM parts does MATTER! In fact, it could be the critical difference in maintaining a kitchen that runs like a well-oiled machine versus a kitchen that experiences the financial frustration of unplanned equipment downtime.

Our brands have built their reputation on equipment quality, reliability and longevity. And, the key ingredients behind our equipment strength and performance are the specially engineered, Genuine OEM Parts and components that bring them to life and keep them running. Look inside your Hobart, Baxter, Vulcan or Traulsen equipment and you will see true and tested quality Genuine OEM Parts designed and built to keep your equipment running at its full performance.

When Replacing a Part, Don’t Gamble.

Don’t risk the life of your equipment with generic parts that could ultimately cost you MUCH more than you bargained for. Look alike parts often lack in quality and function because the design was never fully life tested and engineering approved for your machine. Look alike parts can also potentially harm the overall health of your machine.

With Genuine OEM parts, The Value is Clear.

Better Equipment Performance and Life
Our Hobart engineers design each part specifically for our equipment to ensure they work together as a system to deliver optimal performance. Each part is life tested and must pass rigorous engineering standards for it to be approved for our machine.

Greater Measures for Food Safety
Our Genuine OEM Parts are designed and tested in our equipment to maintain specific safe temperatures where applicable so you can be confident you are meeting food safety standards. Using non-OEM parts could compromise variables that affect appropriate temperatures required for food safety.

A Smarter Investment
Protect your kitchen equipment with quality parts that are designed for longevity. All Hobart Genuine OEM Parts come with a 90-day warranty period, giving you peace of mind that the part you are purchasing will minimize downtime and help restore your equipment like new.

A Trusted Source
You can rest assured knowing that Hobart has been delivering best-in-class, built-to-last equipment and parts for more than a century. Trust in Genuine OEM Parts from Hobart Service and gain peace of mind knowing you can spend your time focused on what you care about most—creating great food for great people and operating an efficient kitchen.

Trust Hobart to keep your equipment and kitchen running smoothly.

Take the time to confirm your service provider is using Genuine Hobart parts for all your equipment repair needs, or order your Genuine OEM Parts directly by contacting us  at 1-877-333-1863. A Parts Expert will help identify the parts you need for your equipment and provide ease of ordering. Feel free to visit our E-Store to order online at

About Hobart Parts

Hobart Parts has the foodservice industry’s largest inventory of parts. We stock more than 40,000 SKUs and over $100 million in ITW Food Equipment Group parts. We have more than 70 branches nationwide, many with parts counters and 1,500 fully stocked technician service trucks. Our service trucks are networked to provide real-time visibility into parts availability nationwide. We guarantee same-day shipping on all in-stock parts for orders received by 8 p.m. Eastern Time. Call 877-333-1863 or visit Hobart Parts to place your order. You can also contact your local branch for parts assistance and to schedule service Hobart Service Branch.

Learn How Hobart Geniune Parts Can Make A Difference

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