Hobart Service Plans: Find the Right Coverage

January 10, 2023 by Hobart


You are perpetually one disastrous day from being forced to close your commercial or industrial kitchen. Bad luck can strike at any moment, so why not be prepared? The various Hobart Service plans are an excellent option for any kitchen seeking to avoid unwanted downtime due to kitchen repairs or maintenance. With Hobart Service plans, you are covered in the case that the unfortunate and unexpected happens, with a variety of coverage types available to suit your commercial or industrial kitchen’s individual needs. We will go over some of the various types of coverage available. 

Hobart Care

Hobart Care is a service that addresses your repair needs while providing a host of cost-effective and time-conscious benefits for your commercial kitchen equipment. We offer options that avoid expensive repairs and limit the enormous bills from emergency time and material calls. Additionally, we offer various benefits, ranging from 24/7 emergency coverage to one-call convenience. Minimize your downtime and help ensure the life of your restaurant equipment with Hobart Care’s convenient service plans. Hobart Care offers priority advantage service during the workweek between 8 am and 5 pm. Hobart Care guarantees you a 3-day response time so that you’ll be back to fully operational in no time at all. Additionally, Hobart Care offers unlimited service calls and offers labor, travel, parts*, and freight included coverage. 

Hobart Assurance

Unlike other companies that might take a week or more to get a technician out to you, Hobart Assurance offers a priority advantage to its customers between 8 am and 5 pm during the work week, so your kitchen can avoid slowed productivity during equipment breaks and maintenance. Hobart Assurance provides you with a 2-day response time, so your kitchen will be back to fully operational in practically no time at all. Additionally, with Hobart Assurance, your service calls are given priority over standard time and material service regardless of whether your equipment is ITW-branded or not.

Hobart Prosurance

The finest in kitchen maintenance and service programs, Hobart Prosurance offers coverage for all labor, parts, and freight required on an annual basis. We offer total coverage between 8 am and 5 pm during the regular work week. Additionally, with Hobart Prosurance you will have a plan created to extensively maintain and to keep operational your critical equipment in order to prevent the need for emergency repairs. Hobart Prosurance customers are assured the fastest processing and emergency repair times so that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. With Hobart Prosurance, you will have 24/7 coverage in case of emergencies, as well as a guaranteed 24-hour response time for all standard calls. You will also have expendable parts coverage with Hobart Prosurance.

Hobart Service Maintenance Program

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With this premium program, Hobart offers regularly scheduled basic maintenance to your equipment. This includes inspections, adjustments, lubrication, and more. They also offer individually formulated formal checklists to ensure conformity with recommended procedures for your kitchen equipment. Our highly trained and experienced technicians, who are experts with Hobart, Baxter, Vulcan, and other major brands of commercial food equipment. can identify required repairs and can even perform the repairs on the spot if requested. Furthermore, we offer flexible terms to meet your needs that are available as a single call or an ongoing service. We also offer single pieces of equipment or multiples, in addition to scheduling during off-peak hours.


Efficiency and Downtime

With a Hobart maintenance or service plan, you will experience maximum operator efficiency in your equipment. Additionally, your downtime will decrease thanks to quick troubleshooting and timely repairs, all covered by your Hobart plan.

Proper Maintenance

Entrust your equipment to the best. All of your maintenance needs will be handled by the premier service organization in the industry and the OEM provider for ITW’s Food Equipment Group of brands.


Hobart’s various service and maintenance programs are sure to help save you money in the event of a disaster by keeping the cost of repairs down. Additionally, maintenance costs are kept low with a Hobart service plan. We will help you save money on costly repairs and maintenance to keep your kitchen operational during even the harshest times. Save money on prohibitively expensive repairs through proactive maintenance or repair service before minor issues develop into significant and costly problems.

Hobart Maintenance and Service Plans

Invest in a Hobart maintenance or service plan for your kitchen, so you’ll be prepared for any curveball that comes your way!


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